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We’ve been in the skin care industry for years, so we have the training and experience to create the highest-quality products. Our scientists have the tools and the training to create formulations from scratch, reverse engineer, and put the right finishing touches to make our products the highest quality.
We pride ourselves on creating products that will withstand any test, so that our clients can count on them for the long haul.

Here at Parsa Inc, we don’t believe in being ordinary. Anyone with a lab and a quasi-understanding of formulations can create skin care products that seem OK when compared to the other products out there.
We’re different because we pride ourselves on being extraordinary. We know that the skin care is always changing and expanding, so we are always changing and expanding our work to remain on the cutting edge. We believe formulations that fail to use the very best products are simply a waste of time — both for us and our clients. That’s why we’re constantly searching for newer and more luxurious ingredients — along with new ways to combine them. We know that’s the only way that your products are going to truly stand apart from everyone else.

The Parsa team understands that skin care isn’t just our business it’s a lifestyle. Our clients are counting on us to provide them with products that make them look and feel their very best, and that’s a responsibility that we take very seriously.
We’re passionate about creating new, unique ways to make people look younger, feel more radiant, and
truly enjoy taking care of their skin. Instead of falling into the trap of a “skin care ritual”, we want people to feel like they’re pampering themselves day in and day out. To us, true success is measured by the people who suddenly have the confidence to walk with their heads held high — and the ever-growing businesses who got them there.

The Science

A very important and common question, which people ask with regards to our PARSA products, is with regards to the secret behind our amazing high quality products and its ingredients. In addition to the fact that we use only the highest quality ingredients which have undergone dermatological testing, we also ensure that our products does not contain any traces of, Alcohol– Alcohol harms your skin’s protective barrier, triggers free-radical damage, makes oily skin and redness worse.

Parabens & Phthalate
Parabens interfere with healthy endocrine system functioning. Everyone who uses Paraben-laced ingredients and products should be aware of the potential downside of using these chemicals in beauty and health care aides. Both have demonstrated themselves to be carcinogenic and particularly linked to cancer.

Greatest enemy for clear skin, because of its gumminess, it’s also added to cosmetics, toothpaste and shampoo to give the product more content. This causes dry skin, Acne, Red spots, eczema.

This chemical are hormone-disrupting chemical that can form cancer-causing agents, research indicates a strong link to liver and kidney cancer.

Are the most toxic ingredients, they are used to clean engines, garage floors and at car washes. They can form a deadly class of carcinogen.

It’s also essential to note that we do not carry out any form of animal testing procedures using our products; therefore they are also ethically harmless to the society. The manufacturing of our products is carried out in a solar powered green house for better environmental protection.
Although there are hundreds of different skincare products available in the market today, 99% of these are designed to suit women skin.

Since men and women have different skin types, the impact, which a particular brand would have on a man’s skin, would be totally different to what it would show on a woman’s.

This is because a man’s skin has genetically different structures due to the larger amount of testosterone, which causes a much denser and tougher epidermis.Men are also known to have a higher amount of sebum; therefore they are at a higher risk of being affected oily skin, cane, and shine issues. It is due to these reasons that our entire product range is designed specifically to meet the needs of men’s skin issues and as our company was founded by men who have personally tried and tested every single product to ensure that one does not have to hesitate about side effects of our items.

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